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Objectives helps get your team rowing in the same direction

The online management platform to help increase productivity


Objectives creates top managers

  • Increase earnings through increased productivity
  • Become a more productive manager
  • Improve morale and boost productivity
  • Breeze through employee reviews

Objectives simplifies HR activities

  • Develop and reward top employees
  • Turn struggling employees into top performers
  • Quickly recognize employee improvement
  • Implement fair termination practices
Objectives helps create top managers

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Objectives helps create top managers

Increased earnings demand increased productivity

Bill's small company saw amazing growth in its first two years, but as hiring surged the company's annual revenue growth declined. Many work groups were unclear on expectations, had no clear cut goals, and did not understand how their efforts helped the company. The result was confused employees moving in different directions. Bill implemented Atlas Objectives across his entire management team, creating goals and setting measurable objectives for the company. Within weeks everyone in the organization was 'rowing in the same direction'. The net result -- record-breaking revenue, smooth growth, and a bottom line that made everyone smile.

Become a more productive manager

On the lookout for ways to become the top manager in her company, Rachael needed a system to help boost productivity within her workgroup. She discovered and implemented Atlas Objectives; the system quickly became the critical framework on which Rachael's team could build their 'road map to success'. The Atlas system provided a means of establishing department objectives and individual responsibilities, deadlines and expectations, and a place to measure their individual and collective progress. Rachael's team dramatically increased their productivity, becoming the most productive group in the company.

Breeze through employee reviews

The annual review process was like pulling teeth for Jason -- every year he struggled with documenting the ongoing performance of his employees, which left little to talk about at their annual review. Tired of the painful and very unproductive process, Jason turned to Atlas Objectives. Atlas Objectives helped Jason share department goals, and helped employees define their objectives and strategies to meet them. This made it simple for everyone to review and document their ongoing progress, and Jason could easily schedule meetings to address challenges or just touch base. Full documentation of each employees performance resulted in a quick and effective annual review with no surprises. The annual employee reviews turned from painful and unproductive to easy and very productive for both Jason and his employees.

Improve morale and boost productivity

Sarah's four years of employment were marked by exceptional effort. Sarah had a knack for generating additional revenue on every sales call, yet her efforts were seldom if ever formally recognized. Feeling unappreciated and unmotivated, she was ready to make the move to a new company. Just in time Sarah's company implemented Atlas Objectives.  Meetings with her supervisor allowed Sarah to define her personal strategies to help her department meet its goals. Using Atlas Objectives, Sarah saw that her manager was tracking her performance. As her consistent contribution to the department was clearly recognized, Sarah's attitude improved dramatically. A promotion was inevitable, and in Sarah's new position as group manager she used Atlas Objectives to help drive morale and performance in her own team.

How does Objectives make Human Resources activites easier?
Objectives simplifies Human Resources activities

Objectives simplifies Human Resources activities

Develop and reward top employees

Jennifer had a quite a track record of developing and promoting new managers every year. High calibre employees from her department were consistently given the most coveted positions in the organization. Other managers in her company took notice. Her secret? Atlas Objectives -- Jennifer's proven platform for developing employee talent. Using Atlas Objectives, Jennifer met with each employee to create and mutually agree upon that year's specific department objectives and individual strategies. Additionally, she challenged top performers to create 'stretch objectives' that would create added value for the company and special recognition for the employee. Objectives' tracking helped Jennifer measure and document top performers' results, so it was easy to promote them to new management positions within the company. As the recognized 'guru' of talent development, Jennifer value to her company was unmatched. 

Turn struggling employees into top performers

The employee turnover rate in Chuck's department was the lowest in the organization. Employees in his department showed an amazing level of performance and growth, with a remarkably low level of HR intercession. He relied on Atlas Objectives as the reason for his department's success. Objectives allowed Chuck to easily measure employee performance against established objectives and strategy milestones. Regular review meetings helped him keep pace with employee progress, heading off problems before they happened. When any employee's performance started to suffer Objectives helped Chuck develop a Personal Improvement Plan for the employee. This mutually-agreed upon action plan enabled Chuck to effectively coach struggling employees back on track. As a result his department had excellent morale and thriving employees -- and Chuck was recognized as a top manager.

Implement fair termination practices

As VP of Human Resources, Susan was aware of the challenges in letting a non-performing employee go from the company -- too often it was a process filled with miscommunications between the employee and the manager and often resulted in legal proceedings. Susan encouraged the organization to implement Atlas Objectives in order to help formalize the termination process. Atlas Objectives process and documentation made it easy for Susan to verify that all proper procedures had been followed. Goals and objectives for each employee were clearly defined, and review meetings documented performance and Personal Improvement Plans for struggling employees. Every step of the process included sign-off by the involved parties -- both manager and employee -- verifying mutual understanding by all parties involved. Atlas Objectives insured a fair and streamlined approach to the termination process.

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